What Are Tilt-And-Turn Windows?

Tilt-and-turn windows have been popular for decades across Europe, and are quickly becoming the window of choice for Canadians.

Thanks to advanced European hardware, tilt-and-turn windows function in two ways. With the handle in the tilt position, the window tilts inward at the top, allowing fresh air into the house. Additionally, with the handle in the turn position, the window swings fully inwards, much like a door, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy access for cleaning. Both actions are activated by the turn of a lever, which controls all the mechanics within the frame.



One of the biggest advantages of tilt-and-turn windows is that they offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to ventilation. The tilt function allows for top ventilation, easily enabling stale air to quickly escape through the top portion of the window. The tilted angle cuts back on strong breezes and prevents rain water from entering your home. The turn function however, creates ample air flow and movement for maximum ventilation. This dual option enables the user to control their environment with precision.


When the window is in the tilt position, open at the top, it also functions as a safety precaution. You can ventilate your home without the danger of small children climbing through the opening, while simultaneously preventing intruders from entering. There is simply no way to climb through the small gap. Additionally, the hinges and mechanism further secure the window from being forced/pulled open from the exterior.

Opening fully inward in the turn position, these windows function as an egress window and provide a fire escape in the event of an emergency.

While in the closed position, all our windows feature multiple locking points around the perimeter for maximum security.

For those applications requiring a more advanced layer of security, we offer additional locks to reach RC1 and RC2 ratings.

We have optional push-button handles and key-lock handles, to provide even more security and peace of mind.


Tilt-and-turn windows have the unique capability of opening fully inward, allowing you to easily clean the interior and exterior of the window while inside your home. This means no need for ladders to reach upper floors or taking the risk associated with leaning outside your window. A seasonal chore easily becomes normal maintenance with a simple turn of the handle.


Thanks to the multi-point locking system, European tilt-and-turn windows deliver an air-tight compression seal around the entire frame when in the closed position, dramatically increasing energy efficiency.

In contrast, slider and double-hung windows are more prone to air and water leakage due to an inherent design flaw and lack of seals. In order for these panels to function and slide, they cannot have seals. Instead they are equipped with loose-fitting bristle-brushes along the sliding edges and, in most cases, around the entire window.

However, our windows boast between 2 to 3 seals around the entire perimeter of the window, creating a truly air and water-tight window.


Often, a view is used as the focal point of the design, and the window or door that’s chosen to showcase it can make or break the project.

Many of our customers first approach European designed windows because they can’t find a design that will be functional while still filling a large space.

European windows and doors have reinforcements which allow them to fill very large spaces without their functionality being compromised.

This is an attractive feature, especially in homes with stunning views that developers and home owners want to capture.


Whether caused by road traffic, railway, airplane, or loud neighbours, noise is a factor that pollutes our environment and can damage our health. Our windows and doors include sound-reduction technology offering a way of effectively combating and solving noise problems.

When closed, European compression-sealed window and door designs seal tightly to provide outstanding thermal and acoustical performance.

Further noise reduction could be achieved with optional laminated glass with special acoustic film between panes.


Our windows and doors are available in a wide range of colors and finishes allowing you to choose the style which best suits your home’s architectural and interior design.
Whether you opt for uPVC, hardwood, aluminum or aluminum-skinned uPVC windows, your options are nearly limitless with the combinations of handles, colors, glazing, glass and frame choices.

We offer approx. 300 different colors and textures for your frames and sash. Handles are available in a multitude of colors and styles. Our glass is offered in a wide range of options, including clear, translucent, tinted, mullions, multiple ornamental and sand-blasted in a variety of patterns.

With virtually limitless choices, we are able to truly customize your windows and doors to help you achieve your aesthetic style.