Swinging French Doors

Swinging French doors allow ample natural light to enter your home and can make a small interior feel in-credibly spacious.  You can simply open the doors to extend your living space and allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

French doors consist of one or two hinged casements, designed to swing inwards or outwards on hinges, in the same way a regular door would.  Each door features a large glazed surface which provides a lot of natural light, while allowing easy access to the exterior.

With both doors open and no fixed post in the centre, French doors open fully, using all of the available space and offering oversized access to your home.  The large uninterrupted space makes them incredibly functional and ideal for easy access, high traffic areas, entertaining, and even for moving oversized furniture.



The size of the installation area available plays a large role in determining which door type works best in your space.  French doors are ideal for medium spaces that are bigger than a single entry door but perhaps too small for sliding doors to make sense.  They can also feature sidelights and transom windows above, offering abundant light and a great deal of flexibility for fitting any location.

With a simple turn of the handle, each of the two doors swing open immediately creating a large open area, and importantly, using all of the available space.  In contrast, typical sliding doors leave half of the overall space closed.  Bi-fold doors also open to 100% of the available space but are suited for larger wall openings.



  • Doors open fully, making use of the entire available opening
  • Designed for all climates – highest energy efficiency available
  • Draft-free thanks to multiple compression seals
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Outstanding noise reduction up to 45dB
  • Choice of inward or outward opening doors
  • Large selection of glass types and styles available
  • Double or triple glazing
  • V-Perfect fusion-welded corners
  • Steel-reinforced framing
  • Premium European quality
  • Custom built to suit your needs – colours, styles, materials, glass, hinges, hardware, etc.



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