Smart-Slide sliding doors are a new generation in the field of sliding patio doors, which are above all characterized by excellent technical features and comfort of operation. We offer supreme German quality, coupled with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Smart-Slide has most of the benefits offered by our lift-and-slide doors, at a more attractive price.


Smart-Slide Operation

Smart-Slide doors move slightly inward to release from the multiple compression seals, and effortlessly slide along the track without the slightest resistance.

The sliding panel can be lowered and locked in any partially open position.


  • Sash width: 75” (70 mm)
  • Frame depth: 5” (140 mm)
  • Leaf dimensions: 4.9′ width x 7.5′ height ( 1.5 m x 2.3 m)
  • Rough opening: 10.2′ width x 7.9′ height (3.1 m x 2.4 m)
  • Chambers: 6-chamber frame structure; 5-chamber sash structure
  • Glazing width up to 1.6” (41 mm)
  • 2-Pane glazing package: 4/16Ar/4 [UgMetric=1.1 / Ug Imperial =0.1937 / R=5.2]
  • 3-Pane glazing package: 4/14Ar/4/14Ar/4 [Ug Metric=0.6 / Ug Imperial =0.1057 / R=9.5]
  • Spacer: Warm-edge spacer bar; optional Swisspacer bar
  • Seals: integrated multi-point compression seals
  • Reinforcement: Rectangular steel reinforcements
  • Security: security features include safety glass, multiple anti-burglary bolts, and anti-burglary protection devices in the leaf corners.
  • Handles: option for a single handle on the inside, or double-sided handles with key lock
  • Colours: available in the full range of Aluplast colours; choice of smooth & wood veneers

AluPlast Colour Options:

Configuration Options: