European Entry Doors

A new entrance door is the most impactful and cost-effective way to improve and add curb appeal to your home.  Our European entry doors come with several options.

We offer doors in a variety of materials, including uPVC, HPL plates, aluminum, glass and solid wood. Our door collection is an aesthetic complement to any home.

Advanced technologies used during production guarantee high resistance to external conditions, maximum security, superior thermal insulation, and ease of care. Distinctive designs, a wide range of accessories and a variety of colours ensures everyone finds their unique style.

Our doors are comprised of the highest quality European materials, allowing them to preserve their pristine look for many years.

European Entry DoorsClients are able to choose from our vast selection of models or suggest their own.  We offer a wide array of accessories, including door handles, door pulls, mail slots, door viewers, stainless steel accents or grooves incorporated into the design. 

With such a large selection of choices, our doors can successfully be installed in both modern and classical style buildings.  They are always a beautiful entrance to a building that attracts attention and enhances the charm of its facade.

The most dramatic difference between our European doors and their North America counterparts is the use of seals.  Our doors use between two to three compression seals around the entire perimeter; whereas North American doors typically use a single layer of weatherstripping.

European doors establish an air-tight seal by incorporating multiple-gaskets and a sophisticated multi-point locking system.

Our doors are distinguished by exceptional water and air tightness, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This has a real impact on both the comfort inside the building and energy savings.

European Entry Doors TorontoImpressive 5-point MACO, KFV or GU locking systems are available in both powered and mechanical configurations. We even offer a unique lock design which prevents accidental lockout when used with door pulls.

Customers are able to further select from a variety of access controls, including digital keypad, fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module or a code reader for magnetic or proximity cards.

Additionally we offer door handles equipped with anti-drill security plates.

These solutions are practical and provide the highest security level. They are ideally suited for installation in residential and commercial buildings.

Customize your entrance and add character with stainless steel decorative elements.

Stainless steel is aligned flush and integrated with the panel surface.

This option is especially recommended for clients who are not only looking for an aesthetic design of door panels, but also for practical reasons, as the flush-mounted stainless steel accents are much easier to keep clean.

Entry Doors For individuals looking for panels with more subtle accents and a unique streamlined appearance, we recommend grooved door panels.

Glass Entry Doors TorontoWe offer a wide variety of energy-efficient, Low-E glass inserts to suit your needs, including clear, tinted, laminated, frosted, sand-blasted, tempered, burglar-proof, etc. giving you privacy and style where needed. We further offer double-pane and triple-pane glass options.